How to Complete a
FedEx Expanded International Air Waybill

The FedEx Expanded Service International Air Waybill can be used for all services and options available including: FedEx International Priority® Freight, FedEx International Broker Select®, and

Letter of Credit


The FedEx International Air Waybill includes only the most commonly requested services, such as FedEx International Priority® and FedEx 10kg and 25kg Boxes.

When completing a printed FedEx International Air Waybill by hand please print clearly pressing hard with a ball-point pen.

1. From
Enter the date, your FedEx Account Number, name, phone number, and complete address. If you don't have an account contact us.

Air Waybill

2. Your Internal Billing Reference (Optional)
Enter your internal reference. The first 24 characters will appear on your invoice.

Air Waybill

3. To
Enter recipient's name, phone number, complete address (including ZIP/Postal Code), and tax ID number.

Air Waybill

4. Shipment Information
This information must agree with the information shown on the Commercial Invoice. It does not replace a Commercial Invoice on shipments for which that document is required. Enter the following:

  • Total packages, weight, dimensions Total number of packages in shipment, total weight of shipment (lb or kg), and shipment dimensions (length, width, and height in inches or cm).
  • Commodity Description Complete description of each commodity and indicate if it is for resale or not.
  • Harmonized Code Harmonized System Tariff Number for each commodity in the shipment.
  • Country/Territory of Manufacture Country/Territory where each commodity was produced.
  • Total Value for Customs This amount represents the replacement cost or selling price (even if not sold for resale) of the contents of your shipment and must be equal to or greater than the "Total Declared Value for Carriage." The amount is required by Customs officials to assess duties and taxes. For information/assistance regarding shipments of high intrinsic value items, call us.
  • Total Declared Value for Carriage This amount represents the FedEx liability for the shipment - limited to US $20.38 per kg (US $100 or US $9.07 per lb) or the equivalent in local currency - whichever is greater, unless a higher value is declared at time of tender and a greater charge is paid. This amount must not exceed the "Total Declared Value for Customs" amount. This amount is required by FedEx to help determine transport liabilities.
  • For European Union Only Check this box if the goods are not in free circulation and please provide a Commercial Invoice.

Air Waybill

5a. Express Package Service
Select your desired service for shipping:

  • FedEx International Priority® Customs-cleared delivery to more than 210 countries/territories typically in 1-3 business days.
  • FedEx International Economy Customs-cleared delivery typically in 4 to 5 business days.

Air Waybill

5b. Express Freight Service
Select your desired service for shipping:

  • FedEx International Priority® Freight Customs-cleared delivery for shipments up to 682 kg (1,500 lb) in typically 1-3 business days.

Note: A Booking Number is required for freight shipments. Please contact us to book shipments.

Air Waybill

6. Packaging (Only available with Express Package Service)
Select the packaging used for shipping: FedEx Envelope, FedEx Pak, or Other Packaging. FedEx 10kg Box and FedEx 25kg Box are unique packaging options (available for FedEx International Priority® only).

Air Waybill

7. Special Handling

(Optional) To use special handling options such as FedEx Hold at Location, please check he appropriate box. Contact us or see Special Handling for information about the available options.

(Required) Dangerous Goods are not allowed for shipment to or from Russia.

Note: Check the "Cargo Aircraft Only" box for items that must be shipped on cargo aircraft only according to International Air Transport Association regulations. Dry ice cannot be shipped to or from Russia.

Air Waybill

8. Broker Selection (Optional)
If you want to select a broker other than FedEx, check the box and fill in broker's name, city / country/territory, phone number, and postal code.

Air Waybill

9a. Payment
Bill transportation charges to:

Select the desired method of payment for transportation charges by checking / ticking the appropriate box. Not every option is available to all destinations.

  • To bill sender please provide the sender's FedEx Account Number in section 1.
  • To bill recipient please enter the recipient's FedEx Account Number (if known).
  • To bill third party please enter third party's FedEx Account Number.
  • To pay by credit card enter the card number and expiration date.

Note: At some locations and pickup areas cash is not accepted.

Air Waybill

9b. Payment

Select your desired method of payment for duty and tax. All shipments including personal, gift, and "items" may be subject to Customs charges. FedEx cannot estimate Customs charges. If the recipient or third party fails to pay duties and taxes, the sender is responsible for payment.

Air Waybill

10. Required Signature
Sign and date the air waybill. (This must be done by the sender or a company representative.)

Air Waybill

Keep the Sender's Copy (top ply) of the completed FedEx International Air Waybill for your records. All remaining plies should accompany your letter or shipment.

Other Documentation That May Be Required

Commercial Invoice
A Commercial Invoice is required by Customs officials in countries/territories around the world for shipments of most non-document commodities; however, requirements vary by country/territory and according to such factors as size, weight, quantity, value, and origin. For information/assistance, please contact us.

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