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Get help engineering your perfect packaging

Ensure your shipments travel in the best packaging possible. Send your samples to our state-of-the-art facility and we’ll put them to the test using a variety of high-tech equipment. Designed to put nearly any type and size of shipment through real-world scenarios, the FedEx® Packaging Services center is here to help.

The expert engineering guidance you need

Whether you’re shipping perishables, glass and delicate electronics or large freight shipments, we can help engineer the perfect packaging to protect your items, reduce costs and minimize your environmental impact.

Free of charge, you simply cover the costs of shipping your test package(1) to the FedEx Packaging Lab. Then, upon your request, we will return your test package free of charge except for freight package where you will be responsible for return shipping.

(1) This service is not available for dangerous goods or simulated dangerous goods.

Apply for package-sample testing!

To submit package samples for testing, download and complete the FedEx Packaging Test Application.

Please note that federal, legal and regulatory requirements prevent us from returning certain commodities, including wine and alcohol shipments.

Apply for package-design assistance!

To request package-design assistance, download and complete the FedEx Packaging Design Application.

Testing procedures to get the most from your packaging.

Discover the tests and procedures our team of engineers will conduct when testing your packaging (only available in English).

Download the testing guide for packaged products weighting up to 68kgs
Download the testing guide for packaged products weighting more than 68kgs

Need help?

For detailed instructions about submitting your packaging for testing or design recommandations, contact FedEx Packaging Services at packagingservices@fedex.com (only English speaking engineers) or request a referral from your FedEx account executive.