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Welcome to the Careers site for FedEx Asia Pacific. Here you will find information about the core values of FedEx, the extensive compensation & benefits offered to our people and ways of contacting recruiters in 13 Asian markets.

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The Company

FedEx Express is one of the world's largest express transportation companies and has consistently been selected as one of the world's top 500 companies and the World’s Most Admired Companies by "Fortune" magazine. FedEx provides fast and reliable delivery to more than 220 countries and territories.

For more information about FedEx, refer to this page.

The Philosophy

People–Service–Profit (P-S-P). We take care of our People so that they can deliver impeccable Service to our customers who will give us the Profit necessary for FedEx to be successful. Our success in the industry is attributed to our people. Through our P-S-P philosophy, we have a work environment that encourages employees to be innovative in delivering the highest possible quality of service to our customers. We care for our employees' well-being and value their contributions to the company.

The Culture

We honor innovation, integrity and commitment. We have many formal policies, procedures and programs to bring out the best in our staff, individually and in teams.

The Mission

We strive to be the Best Company to work for with the Best Service and the Best Brand in our industry.