FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents

Reach. More of your world with less time.

Printable Version Reach. More of your world in less time.

FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents allows you to submit your customs documentation electronically so you no longer need to print multiple copies — it's all processed electronically. With this shipping solution, you’ll gain operational efficiencies, save time and money, and enjoy greater peace of mind.

With FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents, you can:



Be efficient

  • There are two options for uploading your trade documents. One is to upload your own trade document in image format (PDF, JPEG, TIF etc). Another is to use the FedEx generated Commercial Invoice function. Whichever uploading method you choose, please remember to provide accurate and complete information in your document to ensure smooth customs clearance.
  • Customize your documents by uploading your letterhead and signature image.


Save time and money

  • Save time by eliminating manual signing, folding, stuffing and attaching customs documents to each shipment.
  • Submit your documents electronically to save printing costs, energy, paper, and trees,


Enjoy peace of mind

  • Get pre-clearance assistance and proactive problem resolution.
  • Get a head start on customs clearance and submit your documents ahead of your shipment to reduce any chance of customs delays.