FedEx Frequently Asked Questions

When I track my international package, I sometimes get information on a package going to a different location or one already delivered. Why?
Some tracking numbers in the FedEx system are recycled, and the Tracking Page may display information from another shipment, in addition to, or instead of yours. To address this concern FedEx has revised the Tracking Page to request an approximate ship date. FedEx customers with an account number can get even more accurate information using the Alternate Reference Tracking page.

What is a status exception code?
An exception occurs when a package is temporarily delayed while in transit. Every effort is made to deliver every package as soon as possible, so an exception does not necessarily denote a late shipment. The status exception explains the most recent exception in the scan activity section.

The term "PMX" refers to a p.m. exception, when a shipment is returned to a delivery station for the night because it was undeliverable during the courier's route. Such a delivery exception may occur because the package was incorrectly addressed, a recipient was unavailable, etc. In many cases, delivery is re-attempted the next day.

Can I track without an airbill?
In order to track your package, you will need to use the air waybill tracking number, found above the bar code on the FedEx shipping label. All FedEx shipments are assigned air waybill numbers, so you should be able to contact the shipper for the number if you cannot find it.

The Tracking Page doesn't seem to work. Could the problem be my Web browser?
The FedEx Home Page was constructed using current HTML standards. These standards are supported by most, but not all, WWW browsers. If you are a CompuServe user with a Mosaic browser, you may wish to try Netscape or a similar browser. CompuServe sysop suggests you GO PCFF to download Netscape.

CompuServe users may also want to try loading the new version of CompuServe WinCim 2.01, which has a new version of the Spry-Mosaic browser.

Some America Online users have had trouble because the default settings in version 2.5 of the AOL software include compressed graphics, which adversely affect how the FedEx web site is displayed. You may want to go to Preferences in the Options menu and turn compression off. Should your problems persist, you may wish to contact AOL Technical Support.

Can I use the Page to find out when my shipment will arrive?
Although the Tracking Page can provide up-to-date tracking information, there is no way to predict the delivery time for a particular package. Plus, security concerns would prevent us from releasing the information.

Do you have a listing of drop-off locations on-line?
Yes, you can now visit the Dropoff Locations page.

Are rates posted on the site?
Currently, FedEx rate information is available for the U.S. and Canada under Rate Finder. The same feature will also be made available to Asia Pacific later.

In the meantime, you may contact Customer Service for more information.