Terms and Conditions of Money-Back Guarantee

FedEx offers a Money-Back Guarantee for its services. This guarantee can be suspended, modified or revoked at our sole discretion without prior notice to you. If the Money-Back Guarantee is suspended or revoked, there is no remedy or refund of charges for a service failure. There are no delivery commitments for shipments on which the Money-Back Guarantee is suspended or revoked. FedEx will, at its option, and upon request, either refund or credit to the applicable invoice only your transportation charges if we deliver a shipment sixty (60) seconds or more after the applicable delivery commitment time. The following limitations apply:

  1. Where Customs or other regulatory agency clearances delayed due to omissions in documentation, our delivery commitment time is modified by adding one business day for each day (or portion thereof) that such clearances delayed. (See FedEx Service Guide)
  2. An exact delivery commitment time can be obtained only by telephoning Customer Service and supplying them with the following:
    1. Commodity being shipped;
    2. Date of the shipment;
    3. Exact destination;
    4. Weight of the shipment;
    5. Value of the shipment; and
    6. Type of service

    Any transit time published in the FedEx Service Guide or elsewhere or quoted by Customer Service without all the required facts is only an estimate and is not a delivery commitment time which binds FedEx under the Money-Back Guarantee.

  3. If the sender or recipient specifies a Customs broker other than FedEx (where this service is available), notification will usually be given to the broker on the first business day the shipment is available for Customs clearance in the destination country, and such notification constitutes timely delivery. If the actual shipment is released to the broker in bond, our responsibility terminates at the time we relinquish custody of the shipment to the broker. However, if we retain custody of the shipment and are requested to deliver the shipment following receipt of the appropriate Customs release paperwork from another Customs broker following customs or other regulatory clearances, our delivery commitment time is modified by adding one business day for each day (or portion thereof) that our receipt of the paperwork is delayed.
  4. For invoiced shipments and for shipments that were sent by using our automated shipping tools, we must receive your notification (in writing or by telephone) of a service failure within fifteen (15) calendar days from the invoice date. You must furnish with your payment the invoice numbers to which your payment applies. If the invoice is not paid in full, the reason for each unpaid charge must be noted with its air waybill or package tracking number.
  5. For shipments of which payments were settled by cash, cheque, money order or credit card, you must notify us (in writing or by telephone) of a service failure within fifteen (15) calendar days from the date of shipment
  6. Notification of a service failure must include the account number, if any, the air waybill or package tracking number, the date of shipment and complete recipient information.
  7. A service failure will not be deemed to have occurred if within fifteen (15) calendar day after you notify us we provide you with:
    1. Proof of timely delivery, consisting of the date and time of delivery and name of the person who signed for the shipment, or
    2. Service exception information reflecting that the failure to timely deliver resulted from circumstances described in this Section or under the section "Liabilities Not Assumed" as set out below.
    We are not obligated to respond if your request is not received within the time limits stated above.
  8. Only one refund or credit is permitted per package. In the case of multiple-package shipments, this Money-Back Guarantee will apply to every package in the shipment. If a service failure does not affect all packages in a shipment, a refund or credit will be given only for the portion of the transportation charges applicable to the package or packages affected.
  9. A refund or credit will be given only if complete recipient information was provided at the time of shipment. Complete recipient information must be provided on either the air waybill or through a FedEx automated device.
  10. A refund or credit will not be given for shipments delayed due to incorrect addresses or to the unavailability or refusal of a person to accept delivery or sign for the package or due to any of the causes described in this Section or under the section "Liabilities Not Assumed" as set out below.
  11. This Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to request for invoice adjustment based on overcharges or shipments to P.O. Box addresses acceptable for delivery.
  12. This Money-Back Guarantee applies only to transportation charges which have already been paid and does not apply to duties, taxes or other charges which shall remain due and payable.
  13. A refund or credit will not be given to customer using FedEx automated shipping devices if incorrect package tracking numbers are applied to the subject package or shipment.
  14. This Money-Back Guarantee applies to shipments tendered under FedEx International Priority, FedEx International Priority Direct Distribution, FedEx International Priority Freight, FedEx International Economy, FedEx International Economy Freight and FedEx International Priority Broker Select Option only.
  15. This Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to undeliverable or returned shipments or any shipment containing dangerous goods.
  16. This Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to delays in delivery caused by adherence to FedEx policies regarding the payment of duties and taxes prior to Customs clearance or at delivery.
  17. Credits for transportation charges will be applied to the payer's account only, and refunds will be made payable to the payer only. Written requests for refunds or credits under this policy should be directed to Customer Service in your country.
  18. The package or shipment must not have been tendered for transportation during the period from three (3) calendar days before the Chinese New Year Holiday, Labor Holiday and National Holiday to the first working day after such holidays. Money-Back Guarantees for service failures are suspended for shipments tendered to us during these periods.
  19. Holidays in international locations will affect our transit times. Contact Customer Service for information on delivery commitments which may be affected due to the observance of these holidays. Deliveries normally scheduled to be made on the day of holiday observance will be rescheduled for delivery on the next business day. The delivery commitment for application of the Money-Back Guarantee Policy will be extended for a period equal to the length of the holiday.

These terms and conditions are written in both English and local language version. If there is a discrepancy between the two versions, the English version shall prevail.


Liabilities Not Assumed

We will not be liable for any damages, whether direct, incidental, special or consequential, in excess of the limits in "Air Carriage Notice" and "Limitation of Liability" and other provisions in FedEx Air Waybill whether or not we knew or should have known that such damages might be incurred, including, but not limited to, loss of income or profits. If we inadvertently accept a shipment with a destination city or cities which we do not serve in a country to which FedEx International Priority Service is provided, we may attempt to complete the delivery. However, in such circumstances, we will not provide any proof-of-delivery. The delivery commitment listed for such country will not apply, and the applicable rate will be the highest for that country plus the maximum extended service area surcharge. (See FedEx Service Guide) Such shipments will not be eligible for the Money-back Guarantee.

We will not be liable or responsible for loss, damage or delay caused by events we cannot control.Exposure to and risk of any such loss shall be assumed by you or transferred by you to an insurance company through the purchase of an insurance policy. You should contact your insurance agent or broker if insurance coverage is desired.

We do not provide insurance coverage of any kind. We will not be liable for, nor shall any adjustment, refund or credit of any kind be made as a result of any loss, damage, delay, misdelivery, nondelivery, or misinformation, including, but not limited to, any such loss, damage, delay, misdelivery, nondelivery, misinformation or failure to provide information caused by or resulting from:

  1. The act, default or omission of the sender, recipient or anyone else with an interest in the shipment;
  2. The nature of the shipment or any defect, characteristic or inherent vice of the shipment;
  3. Your violation of any of the terms and conditions contained on our air waybill or in the FedEx Service Guide or in any other agreement with FedEx as amended from time to time, tariff or other terms and conditions applicable to your shipment, including, but not limited to, incorrect declaration of cargo, improper or insufficient packing, securing, marking or addressing of shipments;
  4. Perils of air, public enemies, public authorities acting with actual or apparent authority on the premises, authority of law, acts or omissions of Customs or quarantine officials, riots, strikes or other local disputes, civil commotions, hazards incident to a state of war or weather conditions (as determined solely by FedEx), or national or local disruptions in air or ground transportation networks (whether operated by FedEx or not) due to events beyond our control, or disruption or failure of communication and information systems. In such circumstances, we will make reasonable efforts to transport and deliver packages to their destination as quickly as practicable under the circumstances; and we are under no duty to advise you of the potential existence of any one or more of these circumstances;
  5. Acts or omissions of any person other than us, including our compliance with verbal or written delivery instructions from the sender or recipient;
  6. Loss of or damage to articles packed and sealed in packages by the sender, provided the seal is unbroken at the time of delivery and the package retains its basic integrity and receipt of shipment by the recipient without written notice of damage or the delivery record;
  7. Loss of or damage to articles packed by us at the request of the sender;
  8. Delays caused by Customs clearance procedures or those of other regulatory agencies;
  9. Delays in delivery caused by adherence to FedEx policies regarding the payment of duties and taxes;
  10. Our inability to provide a copy of the delivery record;
  11. Erasure of data from magnetic tapes, files or other storage media or erasure of photographic images/sound tracks from exposed film;
  12. Our failure to honour "Package orientation" graphics (e.g. "UP" arrows or "THIS END UP" markings) or other sender's instructions on packaging, or damage to shipments not in packaging approved by us prior to shipment where such prior approval is recommended or required;
  13. Damage in transit or in handling of, or concealed or damage to, fluorescent tubes, neon lighting, neon signs and X-ray tubes, glass or other inherently fragile items;
  14. Our failure to notify you of any delay of your shipment;
  15. FedEx will not be liable for shipments released without obtaining a signature if the recipient has provided authorization by signing a release delivery authorization and indemnification agreement;
  16. Our failure or inability to attempt to contact the sender or recipient concerning incomplete or inaccurate address; incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate or missing documentation; payment of duties and taxes necessary to release a shipment; or an incomplete or incorrect customs broker's address.
  17. FedEx will not be liable for shipments tendered to unauthorized agents.

*FedEx will not be liable for shipments tendered to unauthorized agents.