Tools for Shipping

Prepare Shipping Documents

What do you need to do before you ship?
If you are well-prepared before you begin completing your documentation, shipping internationally can be easy. Begin by asking yourself these two important questions.

Where do I want to ship?
The destination for your item is crucial in determining what documentation you'll need, the duties and taxes you'll pay, and much more.

What do I want to ship?
Describe your shipment contents accurately. One of the most common reasons for customs delays is inaccurate or vague shipment descriptions. A consistent and detailed description of your shipment contents across all documents will help reduce customs delays.

Need more help?
Simply click to choose the commodity, and required documents will be listed out. Click on the document link to find out tips and explanation for filling in the documentation, and click on "Print" to print out sample document for reference.

 Destination  Commodity

The shipping documents listed here are required from shippers only. Please ask the consignee to check with their local FedEx Customer Service team for any documents they require to receive a particular commodity.