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My FedEx Rewards - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

(A) General Conditions
  1. The FedEx Rewards Center is a loyalty program operated and managed by FedEx.
  2. FedEx reserves the right to modify or terminate any aspect, offer, or benefit included in the FedEx Rewards Center without explanation.
  3. FedEx may change the FedEx Rewards Center rules or benefits at any time without notice. These changes will apply even if they affect the value of previously credited FedEx Rewards Center "Points". FedEx reserves the right to change their participating member organizations, how points are earned or redeemed, the reward structure, availability, terms of use, or the features of any special offer, at any time.
  4. FedEx employees and their immediate family members are excluded from this program.
  5. Failing to follow the procedures, or the Terms and Conditions outlined in the FedEx Rewards Center guidelines, an abuse of the program, or the discovery of any misrepresentation may result in the cancellation of membership, the forfeiture of points accrued and the cancellation of previously issued but unused reward points. The member may also be held liable for all damages, litigation and transaction costs.
(B) Enrollment
  1. To become a FedEx Rewards Center member you must have a valid FedEx account number. Each FedEx account number is eligible for one FedEx Rewards Center "Rewards Account".
  2. Enrollment in the FedEx Rewards Center is not automatic. You must enroll to participate. Participants must satisfy certain requirements as determined by FedEx. These membership guidelines are at the sole discretion of FedEx, need not be disclosed, and are subject to change without notice.
  3. In the event that the applicant is a company, a party or employee authorized by the applicant must complete the membership application. The applicant is required to designate one contact person for the application.
  4. FedEx reserves the right to disqualify a member should the member fail to meet the enrollment criteria as determined by FedEx.
  5. Points can be accumulated from the date of enrollment subject to acceptance into the program.
  6. Upon acceptance into the program, members are bound by the Terms and Conditions. FedEx may change these guidelines at any time without notice.
(C) Point Accumulation
  1. Points will be used to determine the eligible program rewards .
  2. Enrollment invitations will determine how quickly individual members earn program points.
  3. The value of the credited points will reflect the number of Australia dollars spent by the member for FedEx International Priority (IP) and International Economy (IE) Service shipments.
  4. Point calculations will be rounded to the nearest decimal point.
  5. Points will only be earned for inbound and outbound shipments made to or from Australia and billed to the member's FedEx account number. Points will also be earned for those shipments made to the member's registered country, for which the member acts as the third-party payer. Shipments paid by cash or credit for any over the counter transaction not charged to the member's FedEx account will not accrue points in the FedEx Rewards Center.
  6. Points will be credited to the Rewards Account after the shipment has been billed.
  7. Points are redeemable for twelve months following the date of shipment.
  8. Points are awarded for shipping revenue only. Any handling fees, surcharges, customs clearance charges, duties and taxes paid by the member for their FedEx IP and IE Service shipments are not counted as shipping revenues eligible for FedEx Rewards Center Points.
  9. Shipments sent using FedEx IP Service, IE Service, and those that are not eligible for any other special FedEx pricing programs, will be eligible for FedEx Rewards Center Points.
  10. Points will not be recalculated in the event of an invoice adjustment.
  11. Point calculation is subject to internal FedEx adjustments within one month of the shipment date, or within one calendar month from the shipment date.
  12. Shipments eligible for points are those billed within one month of the shipment date, or within the next calendar month from the shipment date. Points are awarded to one Rewards Account only. The pooling of points with those accumulated by another member or with those earned by another FedEx Rewards Account is not permitted. FedEx reserves the right to cancel a FedEx Rewards Center membership, revoke all points earned, or withhold previously issued rewards if more than one company is discovered using the same FedEx Rewards Account.
  13. The terms of destination, origin, consignee and shipper will remain as defined on the FedEx International Air Waybill.
  14. FedEx reserves the right to add other promotions to the FedEx Rewards Center. These may include awarding points for shipments using other FedEx services, or the use of other award criteria. FedEx reserves the right to withdraw or alter promotions at its own discretion.
  15. Points will not be awarded for any shipment immediately following the suspension or termination of an account.
(D) Reward Redemption
  1. FedEx reserves the right to specify the type and availability of program rewards, redemptions and membership conditions for each country of origin. Any FedEx Rewards Center rewards awarded to the member will be subject to the Terms and Conditions set by the participating organizations.
  2. Each member must complete a redemption form request. Points will be deducted upon receipt of any redemption request.
  3. Only the member enrolled for the account will be eligible to redeem reward points. The name of the person redeeming the rewards must be the same as the one listed in the FedEx Rewards Center file. In the event of a discrepancy, FedEx reserves the right to disregard a redemption request until a formal letter of authorization on behalf of the individual from the member's company is received.
  4. Any redemption request may take up to five weeks for processing. Once the request is processed, the redeemed voucher(s) will be sent to the member's registered address.
  5. Only one shipping discount can be applied per month.
  6. Discount redemption is subject to approval. If a redemption request has been approved, a shipping discount will take effect for a whole calendar month. If a shipping discount redemption is not approved, the member will be notified before the supposed start date of the discount period.
  7. If the shipping discount reward redemption request reaches the FedEx Rewards Center before the end of the 23rd day of the month and is approved, then the shipping discount will take effect starting on the first day of the following calendar month.
  8. If the shipping discount reward redemption request reaches the FedEx Rewards Center after the end of the 23rd day of the month and is approved, then the shipping discount will take effect starting on the first day of the second subsequent calendar month.
  9. Shipping discounts cannot be combined. If more than one shipping discount is redeemed during the same transaction, each discount will be applied to a separate month.
  10. For any shipment, if the net freight charge after the Reward Discount is lower than the FedEx required minimum freight charge, the minimum freight charge will apply.
  11. If the redeemed shipping discount, plus the current discount allowance exceeds the FedEx acceptable maximum discount allowance, the maximum allowed discount would apply.
  12. Suspended accounts are ineligible for shipping discounts.
  13. Shipping discounts do not apply to FedEx 10kg and 25kg Box.
  14. Rewards are subject to the availability and the Terms and Conditions of the participating organization at the time the request is made. FedEx will not guarantee the availability of the requested reward.
  15. No amendment or alteration of the reward request can be made unless it is made within one calendar day after the initial reward request was submitted.
  16. When redeemed, rewards cannot be returned, reissued or refunded. Points that are not redeemed within twelve months will be forfeited without notice.
  17. The attempted sale or exchange of points with FedEx or any other party is not permitted and will result in membership cancellation and the loss of all reward points and benefits.
  18. Points cannot be transferred between the FedEx Rewards Center accounts.
  19. Rewards will be considered delivered once they are sent to the registered address of the member on file.
  20. FedEx reserves the right to change the organization(s) participating in the granting of vouchers without notice.
  21. FedEx will not exchange any reward for cash.
(E) Missing Point Requests
  1. Requests for missing points will only be accepted if the Rewards Account number was quoted correctly and the relevant FedEx International Air Waybill was properly completed.
  2. A missing points request will only be accepted within three months of the shipping date. Up to four weeks may be required to process a request for missing points.
  3. FedEx reserves the right to reject any request for missing points without explanation.
  4. Members must submit a request for missing points by e-mail to or by phoning the FedEx Rewards Center Hotline.
(F) Account Statements
  1. Account Statements will be electronically issued to members on a monthly basis provided that the Rewards Account has recorded activity for that month.
  2. FedEx will send the account statement to the member's e-mail address on file.
(G) Data Privacy
  1. The data requested during enrollment is necessary to operate the FedEx Rewards Center. The data may be used for on-going research and program development. FedEx will also use the data to communicate to the member. The member has the right to request that FedEx not send such communication, but notice to that effect must be given in writing. Such a request, however, may prevent FedEx from delivering offers associated with the FedEx Rewards Center membership.
  2. All information is managed in accordance with the FedEx Data Privacy Policy.
  3. The member agrees that FedEx is authorized to use and/or disclose any information it has relating to the member, thereby enabling FedEx to perform its contractual obligations or to enforce its rights as outlined by the Terms and Conditions pertaining to the FedEx Rewards Center. These also applies to any other reasonably incidental or contemplated purpose related to the relationship between FedEx and the member.
  4. The member also agrees that FedEx may use and disclose any of the information provided by the member to the extent required by law, and to any affiliates of its business partners, officers, employees, subcontractors or agents, or suppliers for the purpose of the FedEx Rewards Center. This agreement is made with the condition that FedEx is limited by the confidentiality described herein. FedEx may transfer member information to any FedEx affiliates overseas for the purpose of the FedEx Rewards Center.
  5. Subject to any legal restrictions, a member may access their own personal information upon request, and where necessary, correct any errors in this information. Member consent pertaining to the use and disclosure of a member's personal information remains valid unless the member revokes it in writing to FedEx.
  6. Members will be issued a password to access the FedEx Rewards Center. Members will be responsible for maintaining the secrecy and confidentiality of their own password and agree not to disclose the password to any unauthorized person. Members are solely responsible and liable for all damages, losses, costs, expenses, fees, claims and obligations whatsoever arising from the unauthorized use of their password.
(H) Limitation of Liability
  1. Under no circumstances, including but not limited to negligence, will FedEx be liable to a member for any indirect, consequential, incidental or special loss, damage or expense of any kind whatsoever arising from or in connection with the FedEx Rewards Center. This includes the provision or the refusal to provide any benefits; whether loss, damage or expense is caused by negligence or otherwise; and whether or not FedEx has any control over or prior knowledge of the circumstances giving rise to the claim.
  2. FedEx will endeavor to ensure the availability of services or rewards provided by participating organization(s) but will not be liable for any loss arising from the failure of a participating organization(s) to provide such services. When a member uses the services provided by participating organization(s), the Terms and Conditions of the participating organization(s) will apply and FedEx will not be liable for any loss.
  3. FedEx will not accept any liability for the quality of goods and services provided by participating organization(s). The Terms and Conditions outlined by FedEx and the participating organization(s) will apply to all rewards. In the case of a dispute, decisions made by FedEx and the participating organization(s) will be final. FedEx and the participating organization(s) reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions of the rewards at any time.
  4. Any hypertext link from the FedEx web site exists for informational purposes and is provided for convenience only. FedEx will not accept any liability for loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including consequential loss) from the quality of information or the use of materials or information contained on these web pages. The inclusion of a hyperlink does not imply that FedEx endorses the material listed on the linked site.
(I) Membership Termination
  1. If a Rewards Account has been inactive for a period of twelve months, FedEx reserves the right to terminate the account.
  2. Failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions, and the fraudulent or misuse of Reward Center points may result in the termination of the membership and loss of all points. FedEx reserves the right to terminate a membership without notice if the member's FedEx account is closed for whatever reason. Termination of the membership will result in the cancellation of all accumulated points.
  3. Five working days following the receipt of member's written notice are required to terminate an account. The member is required to surrender all outstanding points when the account is closed.
  4. Upon the voluntary termination of the FedEx Rewards Center membership, participation in the program will not be re-instated.
  5. If there is any change in the status of member's FedEx Account or the level of discount enjoyed by the member, FedEx reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Rewards Center membership or change the terms of membership. All promotions made available to the member prior to the change will be immediately cancelled.
(J) Laws and Jurisdictions
  1. The Terms and Conditions will be governed in accordance with the laws of Australia. All parties must irrevocably agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Australia.
(K) Intellectual Property
  1. FedEx retains the title and ownership of all information provided to members concerning the FedEx Rewards Center regardless of the form or media in or on which the original or copies may exist. FedEx will not transfer, assign, or convey any proprietary interest in the FedEx Rewards Center or other information to Rewards Center members.
  2. Members must acknowledge and agree that any and all intellectual property rights (including all copyrights, trademarks, designs, patents and trade secrets) comprising the FedEx Rewards Center and its Terms and Conditions are the sole property of FedEx or its licensors.
(L) Miscellaneous
  1. In the event of a linguistic discrepancy between different translations of the Terms and Conditions, the wording and intent of the English rendition will be used.
  2. In the case of a dispute, judgments made by FedEx and the participating organization(s) will be final.
  3. Members are bound by both the Terms and Conditions listed for the FedEx Rewards Center and those protecting
  4. Company information will be produced in accordance with the current practices and policies of FedEx.