FedEx® Transportation Management Services

We can handle your transportation management - end-to-end

FedEx Transportation Management is an outsourced solution that offers you end-to-end transportation management: fully optimised and door-to-door. It leverages the FedEx family of companies (along with a select group of core carriers) to help you improve operational efficiencies and customer service. With the entire process managed by the best-in-class transportation provider, you’re free to focus on your core competencies.

FedEx Transportation Management works with you to determine optimal shipping modes, minimise recovery needs, facilitate claims management, and provide consolidated reporting and invoicing.

What can FedEx® Transportation Management Services do for your business?

  • Enhance customer service: shipments and returns are managed to meet individual distribution requirements.
  • Improve inventory management: consistent on-time delivery reduces the need for safety stock.
  • Optimise transportation costs: choosing the optimal overall transportation solution can reduce costs.
  • Reallocate resources: refocus time and money on core competencies.
  • Control costs by ordering what you need when you need it, and having it delivered in time to meet your required level of service.


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