Cold Chain Services

Cold Chain transportation: You can trust us to keep our cool

When your shipment must stay cool from pickup to delivery, you can count on FedEx Cold Chain Services. We’ll arrange specifically designed packaging or temperature-controlled air-cargo containers and exclusive-use vehicles for pickup and delivery. FedEx handles the air transportation, and you’ve got peace of mind throughout the process.


What can FedEx Cold Chain Services do for your business?

FedEx Cold Chain Services ensure that both you and your customers’ expectations are met:

  • We can maintain tight temperature ranges, whether it's 2-8 degrees Celsius, deep cold or room temperature.
  • We can regulate container placement within the aircraft, along with the cargo-hold temperature, for optimal performance.
  • Our specially trained Temperature-Control Services Team will handle your temperature-sensitive shipments.
  • We can provide temperature monitoring throughout the shipment, as well as hard-copy temperature documentation to provide a compliant audit trail and facilitate regulatory compliance.
  • You get shipment tracking from pickup to delivery, with unmatched command and control of the freight within the FedEx network.

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