FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics

Manage your service parts with FedEx for optimum control and productivity

Ready to optimise the way you manage the distribution and returns process for your critical inventory and service parts? Our end-to-end solution incorporates a hub-based central stocking location (CSL) and a European- wide network of forwarding stocking locations (FSLs). And it’s all joined up from start to finish.

Consolidating inventory at FedEx enables cost savings, but that’s not the only benefit. You’ll also gain end-to-end visibility and be able to respond more rapidly to customer orders. That increases inventory velocity, turning assets into profits. With FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics, you’ll have a truly robust capability for planning and aligning inventories, resources and processes with absolutely minimal risk and loss — which will put you well on your way to post-sale success.



What can FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics do for your business?

  • Enhance customer service: shipments and returns are managed to meet individual distribution requirements.
  • Improve inventory management: consistent on-time delivery reduces the need for safety stock.
  • Optimise transportation costs: choosing the optimal overall transportation solution can reduce costs.
  • Reallocate resources: refocus time and money on core competencies.
  • Control costs by ordering what you need when you need it, and having it delivered in time to meet your required level of service.


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