FedEx Shipping Services

Your choice of FedEx service will depend upon your specific need. Here is a brief outline of the main services FedEx offers.

FedEx International Priority®

An express time definite, door-to-door customs-cleared express delivery service for documents and dutiable to over 220 countries worldwide, designed for shipments of any weight where individual pieces may weigh as much as 68kg.

For details on available services, please contact your Customer Service.

What Size?

Packages can be up to 114 cm in width, 114 cm in length and height 76 cm

FedEx 10kg and 25kg Box

Both the FedEx 10kg Box and FedEx 25kg Box are packaging types with special rates for FedEx International Priority Service Shipments.

What Size?
FedEx 10kg Box:
Internal measurements (Height 40.16 cm, Width 32.86 cm & Depth 25.8 cm)

FedEx 25kg Box: Internal measurements (Height 54.76 cm, Width 42.06 cm, Depth 33.49 cm)