Printer-Friendly Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Invoice & Remittance

Who should use it?
Large companies with established accounts payable procedures can benefit by integrating FedEx invoice data via electronic methods. Large companies with multiple shipping locations can also enhance and simplify their invoicing process with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

How does it work?
Handle all FedEx invoicing and remittance data for domestic and international shipping electronically. The data integrates with your accounts payable Procedures eliminating paperwork. You can consolidate invoices for all your shipping locations whether you ship using FedEx® Ship Manager, air waybills or other FedEx shipping methods.

What are the benefits?

  • Consolidates invoices for all shipping locations into a weekly or daily EDI invoice file.
  • Reduces paperwork and data entry work.
  • Reduces check-processing costs and keying errors.

How do I get it?
Call FedEx Electronic Revenue Services at 1.888.450.1774. For detailed information please download the Implementation Guide that meets your technical requirements.  To review Electronic Data Interchange available options, download the FedEx EDI Invoicing and Remittance Overview document.