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Please view our phone menu below for 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339.

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Welcome to FedEx! In a few words please tell me what you're calling about.

Say... Press... Go to...
"Schedule a Pickup" (To schedule a pickup using your FedEx account number) 1 Schedule a pickup online
"Track a Package" (To track a package using your FedEx tracking number) 2 Track online
"Find Locations" (To find FedEx drop-off locations) 3 Find FedEx locations online
"Order Shipping Supplies" (To order FedEx® shipping supplies) 4 Order FedEx supplies online
"Get Rates" (To find out how much it will cost to ship a package using FedEx) 5 Get rates & transit times online
"Claims" (For claims) 61 Submit FedEx claims online
"Billing" (To hear the billing menu) 62 FedEx® Billing Online Plus
"Technical Support" (To answer your technical questions) 63  
"FedEx Office Services" (For office and print services) 64 Office and print services online
"New Account Setup" (To set up a new account with FedEx) 65 New account setup online
"Freight" 66  
"Dangerous Goods" 81  
"Representative" 0  
You may also briefly describe the reason for your call in your words.
Or if you'd prefer to hear a menu of options, say… "Give me Options"