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Use FedEx Billing Online to manage all of your FedEx charges, including viewing and paying invoices, disputing charges and downloading data.

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Store your contacts in the address book to facilitate your shipping experience.

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FedEx® Reporting Online enables you to access timely, accurate, and actionable information for making your business decisions and reducing operational and adminitrative expenses.

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How do I update my billing information or credit card information?

To update your billing information, please log into FedEx® Billing Online. Click on Preferences. Choose Update Credit Card profile option.


How do I request a refund or adjustment to my invoice if I experience a late delivery?

To request a billing adjustment, please click here.


Where can I find information regarding FedEx billing procedures on

For more information on billing procedures, please click on the Billing section of our Terms and Conditions.


How can I request a copy of my original or adjusted FedEx invoice?

To request a copy of your invoice, please click here.


How long will the claims process take?

Most cases will typically be resolved five to seven days after we receive your claim form and additional claim documentation, unless additional time for research is needed.


How do I file a claim?

Follow the three easy steps listed below to file your claim.

Step 1:  Choose one of the following options:
  • Complete and submit a claim form online.
  • Call customer service at 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 to obtain a control number for your claim, then complete a print copy of the claim form.
 Step 2: Gather the following documentation:
  • Photocopy of FedEx® U.S. Airbill/FedEx Ship Manager® printout and/or FedEx Ground Pick-up Record.
  • All documentation related to the proof of value (e.g., copy of original invoice from vendor/supplier, copy of retail invoice/receipt, final confirmation screen if online order with proof of payment, itemized repair invoice or statement of non-repair, appraisals, expense statement, or any other applicable documentation).
  • Serial number(s) of merchandise.
 Step 3: Fax or mail your supporting documentation and completed claim form to:

Cargo Claims Dept.
P.O. Box 256
Pittsburgh, PA 15230
Fax 1.877.229.4766

(If you fax your claim, you will receive a confirmation letter by return fax.)




Who can file a claim?

The sender, the recipient, or a third-party can file the claim.


Can I get updates on the status of my claim?

If you use our online filing option, you can choose to receive periodic e-mail updates on the status of your claim.


Who can receive claim settlements?

The sender will receive the claim settlement unless special arrangements are made with the shipper.


How do I close my account number?

Call 1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 for assistance.


When should I file my claim?

Concealed loss, damage, delay, and collect-on-delivery (C.O.D.) payment claims must be filed within 60 calendar days of the delivery date. Nondelivery or misdelivery claims must be filed within 9 months of the shipment date.


Open Invoices

Learn more about your billing and payment history, viewing invoices, and submitting requests for billing adjustments.

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Claims Resolution

Find more information on filing a claim with FedEx Freight.

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Access Address Book

Store your contacts in the address book to facilitate your shipping experience.

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ShowFrequently Asked Questions

How do I file a claim for a FedEx Freight® shipment?

You can file a claim for a FedEx Freight® shipment online. Click here.


What documentation is needed to file a claim?

A claim must be presented with a statement describing the goods lost or damaged, and how the amount of the claim was determined. This statement should be supported with a copy of the Bill of Lading or a freight bill, a copy of an inspection report, if one was performed, and a copy of the vendor's original invoice or other document to establish the value of the goods.

For additional claims information, contact FedEx Freight Customer Service at 1.866.393.4585.


Who should file a claim?

The claim should be filed by the owner or party in interest of the goods in transit at the time the loss or damage occurred. If the shipment moved at a released rate, the shipper should be contacted before a claim is filed.


By when must a FedEx Freight claim be filed?

A claim must be filed within nine months from the date of delivery or, in the event of non-delivery, within nine months after a reasonable time for delivery has elapsed.


How can I determine the charges for a previous shipment?

Log in to, Select the Track tab in the top navigation. Select Obtain Bill of Lading and enter your tracking number. Select More Actions and then Bill Presentment to retrieve shipment charges, or contact customer service at 1.866.393.4585


How can I get a copy of a signed delivery receipt?

There are two ways to retrieve a copy of a signed Delivery Receipt (proof of delivery):

  • Online: Log in to and select the Manage tab in the top navigation bar. Select Obtain Proof of Delivery. Images can be viewed online, or sent to you by e-mail or fax.
  • E-mail: Send an e-mail to for instant tracking results. It's easy. Just list your tracking number, followed by a space and the word image.

For additional shipping information, contact customer service at 1.866.393.4585.

For online access, registration is required.


Shipping Documents

Get copies of your shipment's bill of lading, proof of delivery and invoice for shipments delivered within the past 90 days.

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Open Invoices

View your outstanding invoices for the past 90 days to make bill payment faster and easier.

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Password Information

Find information on recovering your lost password.

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Add Locations

View information for multiple locations.

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Find information on filing a claim with FedEx Custom Critical.

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ShowFrequently Asked Questions

How do I find out the exact amount charged for my last shipment or get copies of my shipment's bill of lading?

Become a registered user of our online Shipping Toolkit, and you'll have 24/7 access to account information and shipping documents such as bills of lading and invoices.

You can also call our accounts receivable service line at 1.800.334.1751. Have your PRO number or shipment pickup and delivery locations available when you call.


Is my FedEx Express account the same as my FedEx Custom Critical account?

No. FedEx Custom Critical is a separate operating division of the FedEx Corporation.


What are the benefits of using the Shipping Toolkit?

The Shipping Toolkit is all about choice and convenience for expedited freight shipping. The Shipping Toolkit provides another way to do business with us, for customers who prefer mouse clicks to telephone calls. And the Shipping Toolkit provides 24/7 access to account information, making it a convenient resource any time of day or night.


How do I open a FedEx Custom Critical account?

Simply call 1.800.762.3787 or register to use the online Shipping Toolkit.


How can I get a copy of my shipment's bill of lading (BOL)?

Copies of your shipment's paperwork - including bill of lading, invoice and proof of delivery - are available 24/7 in the "My Account" section of the online Shipping Toolkit.



Learn more about Billing with FedEx Trade Networks.

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Periodic Statement

View our support on Periodic Monthly Statements.

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Is billing information available online?

Billing information is available online via Global Trade Data.


What are your payment terms?

Invoices are payable upon receipt, no later than 14 days from invoice date.