FedEx Electronic Trade Documents

FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents (ETD) is an international shipping solution that simplifies your international shipping needs. You can submit most of your trade documentation electronically and no longer have to print and attach trade documents. Capturing and sharing critical trade information as early as possible optimizes the customs clearance process. Customs and other agencies receive documents sent electronically faster than paper copies. You have two choices for using FedEx Electronic Trade Documents. You can either upload your own documents or let FedEx generate them for you (see Shipping Document Service section for details on documents that FedEx can generate).

If you use FedEx generated documents, you can provide the necessary information as specified in the Shipping Document Service section and then specify Electronic Trade Documents as a special service in your ship request. If you also want to receive copies of FedEx generated documents in the ship reply, be sure to also specify RequestedDocumentCopies. If you are using your own uploaded documents, FedEx Electronic Trade Documents requires FedEx Web Services. First, you upload your trade documents (Commercial Invoice, Certificate of Origin, etc.) using the UploadDocuments WSDL. When you upload a document successfully, you receive a Document ID in the reply. Second, you create the FedEx shipment using the ShipService WSDL. You indicate Electronic Trade Documents as a special service and reference the Document ID for each uploaded document associated with your shipment.