The image returned in your shipping transaction is 200 dots per inch (DPI) and measures 4" (W) x 6" (H) or 800 x 1200 pixels. This label has a vertical orientation and is designed to print in a 4" x 6" label area. When printed, the label should measure 4" x 6". When you generate a PNG label image in Web Services, the image is produced in 200 DPI, which is the minimum barcode DPI. When you view the image on your screen, most applications degrade the DPI to your screen resolution. Typically, this is 96 DPI, which is far less than the minimum barcode DPI required. To produce the label and barcodes in the required DPI, you must scale (or resize) the image before printing. How you scale the image depends on the application you are using to view and print the label.

To scale the PNG image for a 4" x 6" label in inches: 4" width and 6" length exactly.

To scale the PNG image for a 4" x 6" label in pixels: