October 1, 2008 Mandates

The new rule mandates electronic filing of all shipments requiring Shipper's Export Declaration information through the Automated Export System (AES) or through AESDirect by the U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) or its authorized agent.

Note the following changes:

SED Name Change: SED information filed to AES will now be known as Electronic Export Information (EEI).

Paper SED Forms: Under the new rule, paper SEDs (Form 7525-V) cannot be filed under any circumstances. To file paper SEDs for freight or load freight requires AES proof of filing citations, exemption, or exclusion legends.

EEI Filing Requirements: Rules identifying when an EEI/SED is needed have not changed. However, now all EEI/SED filings must be completed through AES.The name Shipper’s Export Declaration and its abbreviation, SED, will no longer exist. Instead, the term Electronic Export Information (EEI) will be used for export control under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Commerce to provide export statistics to the U.S. Government. Paper SED filings will no longer be accepted.

EEI Filing Methods: The following EEI filing options are still available:

Electronic Export Information filing (EEI) is applicable to all shipments exported from the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. To secure authorization for shipping commodities that require an EEI, you must file your shipment via the Automated Export System (AES) and eliminate the use of paper SEDs. AES is the U.S. Government’s internal system that accepts Electronic Export Information and issues authorization to export shipments.

AESDirect is the U.S. Census Bureau’s free, Internet-based interface for filing information to the Automated Export System (AES). You can also authorize FedEx to file the EEI as your agent by using the FedEx Export AgentFile XML. This tool was designed to provide you with the ability to program agent filing of EEI data incorporating XML technology into your existing system. There is a per-shipment charge for each ITN issued by the FedEx Export AgentFile XML.

You can authorize FedEx to file the EEI/SED as your agent when preparing shipments on fedex.com. The FedEx Export AgentFile provides exporters with a streamlined filing and shipping label preparation process for regulatory compliance. The tool stores all of your filings, creating a record you can access online any time within 45 days of its submission. (Your record keeping requirements may however, require you to retain such records for up to 5 years as required by law.)

The user interface is easy to use and guides you through all of the important steps. To access this tool, go to FedEx® Global Trade Manager at https://gtm.fedex.com/GTM and choose File SED/EEI before preparing your shipping label.

For more detailed information, go to fedex.com/us/sed/aboutsed.html.