Sending a Thermal Label to a Local Printer or Network Printer

If you use FedEx Web Services (SOAP request) or non-SOAP requests, the returned label buffer is Base64 encoded. Therefore, before you send the commands to the printer, you must Base64 decode the buffer. You can perform Base64 encoding and decoding using built-in functions of many XML parsers or Microsoft XML Core Services (MSXML). Once decoded, the thermal label buffer contains a list of printer commands to print the label for the type of printer you select in your Ship request. To print the thermal label, send that list of commands to the configured printer port for your thermal printer. Be sure to include the CR/LF characters as you send the commands to the printer.

Note: Labels may be reprinted by sending the original thermal label buffer to the printer. However, labels should be reprinted only if the original label is damaged or lost before the package is picked up, or as a copy for your records. Duplicate labels applied to packages will cause re-labeling and, in some cases, suspension of your shipping capabilities.