B13A Elements

Required elements for the B13A export declaration are provided in the ShipService WSDL:

Element Description
ExportDetail/B13AFilingOption Required for all FedEx Express® International shipments outbound from Canada that are not destined to the United States, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico.

Valid values are:

Note: If MANUALLY_ATTACHED is specified, your manually filed B13A must be time and date stamped at a Canada Customs office before you ship. The shipment-status tracking number must be indicated on the stamped B13A. One original copy of the stamped B13A must be attached to the shipping documentation. You are not required to enter the 21-character B13A transaction number at the time of shipping.

If FILED_ELECTRONICALLY is specified, your B13A authorization code must be obtained by submitting your B13A information using the CAED software. To add the required shipment-status tracking number to your B13A declaration, return to the CAED software after you create your shipping label and update your original B13A declaration with this information.

ExportDetail/StatementData If you enter FILED_ELECTRONICALLY as the B13AFilingOption, a valid B13A authorization code is required in this element.
ExportDetail/PermitNumber If you enter NOT_REQUIRED as the B13AFilingOption, you may enter a Canada export permit number as well (optional).