Doc-Tab Configuration

The notation for specifying Doc-Tab value sources begins as a strict subset of standard XPath notation, with a small set of Doc-Tab-specific extensions (described below). A path is prefixed with a small set of “aliases” that identify the object to which the rest of the path applies. The following examples should give the overall “look and feel” of the notation:

Desired element Doc-Tab path (string)
Shipper’s company name REQUEST/SHIPMENT/Shipper/Contact/CompanyName
Total number of packages REQUEST/SHIPMENT/PackageCount
Current package’s sequence number REQUEST/PACKAGE/SequenceNumber
Current package’s weight REQUEST/PACKAGE/Weight/Value
Shipment total net charge REPLY/SHIPMENT/RATE/ACTUAL/TotalNetCharge/Amount
Current package’s dim weight REPLY/PACKAGE/RATE/ACTUAL/DimWeight/Value

Every “segment” (portion between “/” separators) in these samples is the actual name of an element from the WSDL, except for the starting segments, which specify where to begin navigating to the desired data. The client developer would know what names are available from the WSDL. The notation is case-sensitive and the client should use the same names as in the WSDL.