Supported Thermal Printers

The following thermal printers are recommended with FedEx Web Services:

  • Unimark
  • Eltron
    • Orion (EPL2)
    • Eclipse (EPL2)
  • Zebra
    • LP2443 (EPL2)
    • LP2844 (EPL2)
    • LP2348 Plus (EPL2)
    • Z4M Plus (ZPL or EPL)
    • ZP500 (ZPL or EPL)

These printers are all compatible with the ASCII Eltron Programming Language (EPL2) page mode. If your printer supports this programming language it may work as well. Check your printer user’s guide for details. Thermal printers are supported both as a direct write to the printer connected to a system serial port, and as a native Windows installed printer for LPT, Serial, or USB connections.