Printing a Laser Label

FedEx returns one laser label per shipping request, with the exception of C.O.D. labels. If you need to print multiple labels (for example, international shipments need additional copies of shipping labels to accompany the customs clearance documentation), you must request additional copies.

To prepare your package for shipment, you must:

  1. Use the Print button on your browser to print the page containing your label.
  2. The shipping portion of the laser label prints on the top half of an 8-1/2" x 11" page.

    If you use FedEx approved label stock that accommodates the half page label as a peel and stick, affix this portion of the label to the package. The bottom portion of the label provides terms and conditions and a recap of your tracking number. This portion of the label should be kept for your records.

  3. If you use plain paper instead of label stock, fold the page in half and place it in a waybill pouch.

    Attach the pouch to your package so that the barcode portion of the label can be read and scanned.

    Note: Labels may be reprinted by sending the original PDF to the printer. However, labels should be reprinted only if the original label is damaged or lost before the package is picked up or as a copy for your records. Duplicate labels applied to packages will cause relabeling and, in some cases, suspension of your shipping capabilities.
    Note: For all Mexico to Mexico shipments, if no language is specified, the Legal Terms and Conditions will be provided in Spanish.