Implementation Process

Planning your integration and organizing your application data to address your shipping needs can sometimes take more time than the actual implementation of the integration. FedEx Web Services conform to industry standards and are compatible with a comprehensive array of developers’ tools. This ensures the fastest time-to-market with maximum flexibility to integrate FedEx transactions and information into your applications. FedEx WSDLs are fully interoperable with any product or developer’s tool that also conforms to the WS-I Basic Profile. For details, see

To obtain FedEx Web Services and begin integrating with an application, you will need to access documentation, sample code, and sample service requests and replies with the WSDLs from the FedEx Developer Resource Center Technical Resources. You will also need to obtain a test meter number to engage in timely and accurate online testing in the FedEx hosted test environment. You also need a Test Key, Test Password and Test Account Number, all of which can be obtained at the Developer Resource Center. Note that not all services are available outside the U.S.