Using FedEx Web Services Online Help

This guide is available as online help at the FedEx Developer Resource Center ( in Support > FedEx Web Services Developer Guide.

FedEx Web Services Help opens in your default browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. The first topic — in this case, the cover page — appears in the main window. The Table of Contents (TOC) appears in the navigation column. Under the TOC you can choose the Index, Search, or Favorites options. Each of these features appears in the same column.

The toolbar across the top of the window displays the following elements:

Back: Returns you to the previously viewed topic.

Forward: Goes to the next topic as listed in the TOC.

Quick Search: Enter a search term and click to highlight the term in the current topic. This feature only searches the current topic.

Hide Navigation: Hides the left navigation column.

Search: Opens the full search tool in the navigation column.

Print: Opens Print dialog box. See Printing All or Part of This Guide or Online Help.

Home: Opens the default topic: in this case, the cover page.

Add Topic to Favorites: Saves the current topic to your Favorites list.