General Reply Elements

The following elements are returned in every FedEx reply:

Element Required Description
Notifications/Severity Required One of five string values returned in every reply:
  • SUCCESS - Your transaction succeeded with no other applicable information.
  • NOTE - Additional information that may be of interest to you about your transaction is in the reply.
  • WARNING - Additional information you need to know about your transaction that you may need to take action on.
  • ERROR - Information about an error that occurred while processing your transaction.
  • FAILURE - FedEx was unable to process your transaction at this time due to a system failure. Please try again later.
Notifications/Code Required A three or four digit standardized string that matches the message field below. Refer to Appendix O: Error Code Messages for a complete list of codes and their matching messages.
Notifications/Message Required A message that matches the code. The message for a NOTE includes additional information. The message for a WARNING might specify a system assumption or additional action you may need to take. The message for an ERROR usually specifies a problem with your request that prevented processing.
Version Required The system will echo back the Version elements you specified in your request.