FedEx Discount Programs

The following discount programs are offered by FedEx and are calculated in your rate quote:

Discount Program Description
FedEx Ground Multiweight FedEx Ground Multiweight is ideal for multiple-package shipments moving as one unit to the same destination on the same day. This pricing option allows you to combine packages for a multiweight rate. Pricing is based on the combined weight of your packages. For more information about FedEx Ground Multiweight requirements, go to
Note: To help calculate multiweight discounts, you can download the FedEx Ground Multiweight utility at
Earned Discounts Pricing Program The Earned Discounts Pricing Program awards discounts when you meet predetermined revenue levels and/or shipping criteria. You earn additional discounts as you increase shipping activity or due to specific shipment characteristics. Earned discounts are also available for FedEx SmartPost shipping.
Note: For more information on pricing programs, contact your FedEx account executive.