Reply Notifications

Notifications are returned in replies. The notification element provides the notification ranked according to their severity:

  • HighestSeverity: This element ranks the level of notification severity. Values include:
  • FAILURE: Code/message explains that your request could not be handled at this time; do not resubmit right now.
  • ERROR: Code/message identifies a problem with your request data; you may fix the request data and try again.
  • WARNING: Your request was successful. However, the code/message explains what had to be done to fulfill your request; you may need to determine whether that is what you intended, you may need to do this differently next time, or you may need to prepare for a future change. Request was completed.
  • NOTE: Your request was successful. However, the code/message contains additional information about how your request was fulfilled; you do not need to take any special action.
  • SUCCESS: Your request was successful. There are no NOTE or WARNING notifications.
Note: There is a possibility of multiple Notification objects (different severity levels) for a single request. The response notification severity values of ERROR, FAILURE, and SUCCESS severity should never be combined in a single response. See Appendix O: Error Codes.