Pickup Service Error Messages

These error messages apply to the Pickup Service:

Code Message
1000 General Failure
5010 Account Number Is Empty or NULL
5011 Meter Number Is Empty or NULL
5012 Account Number Not In database
5013 Meter Number Not In Database
5014 Invalid or blank package count
5015 Invalid or blank package weight
5016 No Contact Name specified
5017 Invalid Company close time
5018 Unable To Pickup before Close time
5019 Too late for pickup
5020 No pickup service today
5021 No pickup on Sunday or Holiday
5022 Could Not communicate with P2D system
5023 Bad transaction number
5024 Bad Address; it is Empty or NULL
5025 Bad City; Field is empty or null
5026 State field is empty or null
5027 Zip code field is empty or null
5028 Invalid ready time
5029 Invalid country code
5030 Invalid Zip Code
5031 Destination Zip Code is Invalid
5032 Destination Zip Code is an Unserved P.O Box
5033 Destination Zip Code is a served P.O Box
5034 No Service in Origin Zip Code
5035 Service is not available to this location
5036 Too Late For PickUp Service. Drop off available
5037 CSS Service is not allow to this location
5038 Dangerous goods are not allow to this location
5039 Dry Ice is not allow to this location
5040 No HAL service to this location
5041 Original Zip Code is a P.O Box
5042 Invalid Pickup Time
5043 Destination Zip Code is out of Delivery Area
5044 Ready Time after Cutoff Time
5045 Cash-Only Account
5046 Missing Authentication Flag
5047 Invalid Confirmation Number
5048 Invalid Location ID
5049 No Dispatch found for this account
504A Invalid company name
504B Invalid phone number
504C Previous day pickup, cannot cancel or update
504D Pickup already made, cannot cancel or update
504E General update error
504F Pickup was canceled - cannot update
5050 Pickup is over 2 days old - cannot update
5051 Remote location - call FedEx
5052 Database failure
5053 General P2D failure
5054 Dispatch already exists
5055 Intra-country service not available
5056 Cannot schedule pickup beyond 1 working day
5057 Invalid date
5058 Past ExpressFreighter cutoff - use international priority
5059 Cannot schedule dispatch for more than a given number of working days
505A State or zip code change not allowed
505B Must reschedule to change pickup day
505C Package Location not Entered. (Front, Rear or Side)
505D Carrier Code not Specified ( FDXE or FDXG )
505E No Remarks Entered.
505F Invalid Dim Width
5060 Invalid Dim Length
5061 Invalid Dim Height
5062 Invalid Service Type ( Only F1, F2 or F3 is valid )
5063 Invalid Field LTD ( Only L, T or D is valid )
5064 Invalid TruckSize ( 28, 48 or 53 is valid )
5065 Invalid Booking Number ( Only Numeric )
5066 Invalid Girth. ( This is returned by P2D )
5067 Invalid Dept, Floor, Suite Code
5068 Max Weight allowed Per Piece is 2200 for F1/F2/F3 as per P2D
5069 More then 1 record matches phone number from 1source. IVRDispatch only.
5070 1Source can not find account number. IVRDispatch only.
5071 Unable to call Rate. IVRDispatch only.
5072 Unable to call 1source. IVRDispatch only.
5073 Response from P2D is too Large. IVRDispatch only.
5074 Unable to connect to Ursa Error.
5075 Incomplete Date Returned from P2D. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5076 Incomplete Time Returned from P2D. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5077 Package Count is invalid. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5078 Exp Tag Service Code is invalid. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5079 Both Contact Name and Company Name are blank. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
507A Currency Code must be USD
507B Declared Value is too large, blank, or not valid.
507C Weight UOM must be LBS
507D Bad RMA Number
507E Bad Pay Type
507F Pay Type is Other but Payor AcctNbr is blank
5080 P2D Returns a different Date then requested. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5081 Average Package Weight Exceeds Service Code Limit. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5082 Invalid Recipient Phone Number. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5083 Invalid Recipient AddrLine1. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5084 Invalid Recipient City. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5085 Invalid Recipient State. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5087 Invalid Recipient Country Code. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5088 Neither Recipient Company Name nor Contact Name populated. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
5089 Zip State Combination doesn't match. (June 04)
508A Recipient Zip State Combination doesn't match. ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
508B Duplicate Cancel Request. (June 04)
508C Can not schedule a Pickup Request for the previous day (June 04)
508D Same day Express Tag not Avail at Pickup address ExpressTag Only. (June 04)
508E Sat. Deliv. not avail for standard overnight (June 04)
508F PRP Indicator is set but PRP not populated. IVR Dispatch Only. (June 04)
5090 Saturday HAL not available for SO. (June 04)
5091 Max Weight for Letter Exceeded. (June 04)
5092 Special Handling Flag conflict. (June 04)
5093 Difference between Ready Time and Last Access Time too small. (June 04)
5094 Prohibited shipper State Code. (June 04)
5095 Prohibited Recipient State Code. (June 04)