Possible Surcharges

This table lists possible surcharges returned in the Rate reply for applicable FedEx service options:

Possible Surcharges Possible Surcharges
Signature_Option GST (Global sales tax for Canadian origin)
Home_Delivery_Appointment Dangerous_Goods
Home_Delivery_Evening Out_Of_Delivery_Area
Home_Delivery_Date_Certain Out_Of_Pickup_Area
Non_Standard_Container Offshore
Hazardous_Materials Inside_Delivery
Residential Inside_Pickup
COD FICE (FedEx International Controlled Export)
Saturday_Delivery VAT
Saturday_Pickup Export
Insured_Value — FedEx declared-value charges are returned in this element. FedEx does not provide insurance of any kind. Other
Oversize VariableHandlingCharges — If you specify additional handling charges in the rate quote, charges are returned in the Rate reply.
Return_Label TotalCustomerCharge — Contains the discounted net freight charge plus the variable handling charge amount.
Email_Label Multiweight — For more information about FedEx Ground Multiweight® requirements, go to fedex.com/us/services/options/multipiece/groundmultiweight.html.
Fedex_Tag List Clearance Entry Fee Surcharge for international shipping
Fuel Clearance Entry Fee Surcharge (Discount) for international shipping
HST (Harmonized sales tax for Canadian origin) Transmit_Service_Fee
PST (Provincial sales tax for Canadian origin) Liftgate_Delivery
Exhibition Liftgate_Pickup
Extreme_Length Limited_Access_Delivery
Flatbed Limited_Access_Pickup
Freight_Guarantee Protection_From_Freezing
Regional_Mall_Delivery Pre_Delivery_Notification
Regional_Mall_Pickup Metro_Pickup
Overdimension Island_Delivery
Tarp Island_Pickup
Note: See Surcharges and Discounts for more information about surcharges and rate calculations.