Tracking Scans

This table defines the tracking scan codes:

Table 25. Tracking Status Scan Codes
Code Definition Code Definition
AA At Airport EO Enroute to Origin Airport
AD At Delivery EP Enroute to Pickup
AF At FedEx Facility FD At FedEx Destination
AP At Pickup HL Hold at Location
CA Shipment Canceled IT In Transit
CH Location Changed LO Left Origin
DE Delivery Exception OC Order Created
DL Delivered OD Out for Delivery
DP Departed FedEx Location PF Plane in Flight
DR Vehicle Furnished, Not Used PL Plane Landed
DS Vehicle dispatched PU Picked Up
DY Delay RS Return to Shipper
EA Enroute to Airport delay SE Shipment Exception
ED Enroute to Delivery SF At Sort Facility
EO Enroute to Origin airport SP Split status - multiple statuses
EP Enroute to Pickup TR Transfer