FedEx Freight U.S. Rates and Surcharges

LTL Freight Priority services and special services (accessorials) are supported via FedEx Web Services for rate quote, shipment, and pickup requests. Tracking of LTL Freight shipments is also supported via the PRO number. A single PRO number is assigned to an LTL Freight shipment, regardless of the number of pallets in the shipment.

If your shipping operation charges handling fees in addition to shipping charges, then you can add these handling fees to your total shipment charge.

For applicable FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy U.S. package and freight services, an additional surcharge applies to any package that requires special handling pertaining to the following surcharge types:

Additionally, a fuel surcharge may apply to shipments destined to select ZIP codes.

Find surcharge and fee information in the Fees and Other Shipping Information in the FedEx Service Guide. Updates to surcharges and fees are available online at

For more detailed information about the services offered by FedEx, see the electronic FedEx Service Guide.