FedEx Freight U.S. Services

One streamlined network, FedEx Freight®, offers you two easy service options: FedEx Freight® Priority (formerly FedEx Freight) for speed, and FedEx Freight® Economy (formerly FedEx National LTL) for savings. The change in LTL (less-than-truckload) services allows FedEx to offer you two levels of service, priority or economy LTL freight, in one fully integrated, nationwide pickup and delivery network.

Choose fast-transit FedEx Freight Priority (formerly FedEx Freight transit times) to meet your supply chain needs. Our all-points coverage and on-time reliability make FedEx Freight Priority the perfect choice for your time-sensitive shipments.

With FedEx Freight Economy (formerly FedEx National LTL transit times), you get reliable, economical delivery to meet your LTL freight shipping needs and your budget. All-points coverage and on-time reliability make FedEx Freight Economy the ideal service when you can trade time for savings.

With FedEx Freight, you can ship palletized or non-palletized freight up to 20,000 lbs. in weight and 20 feet in length.

Whatever type of shipping service you need, you will have one Bill of Lading to process your shipments, one invoice statement for less paperwork, one pickup and one delivery for all of your shipments. You will also enjoy simplified account numbers and streamlined web applications, without any changes to your current pricing agreement.

FedEx Freight address labels are optional and contain very little information, compared to FedEx Express and FedEx Ground labels. The PRO number is the equivalent of the FedEx Express® / FedEx Ground® tracking number. A single PRO number is assigned to an LTL freight shipment, regardless of the number of pallets in the shipment.

Use the ShipService WSDL and the PickupService WSDL to access FedEx Freight shipping features, and use the following ServiceType enumerated values:

See the Freight Elements for information on how to specify the LTL freight elements.

Use either the Shipper Freight Account or the Bill To Freight Account depending on your role.

Shipper: The company or person in the "From" fields on the FedEx shipping document; sometimes called the consignor. The shipper is the party that gives the shipment to the carrier. The shipper is often responsible for the shipping charges, but this is not always the case.

Bill To: "Bill To" is an abbreviation of "Third Party Bill To" which is the company or person that will receive and pay a shipment's invoice.

LTL freight services and special services (accessorials) are supported via Web Services for rate quote, shipment, and pickup requests. Tracking of LTL freight shipments is also supported. There is no specific element for LTL freight that must be specified in a track request.