Shipment Notification in the Ship Request

Notification may be included in the ShipService or requested after shipping through TrackService TrackNotificationRequest. The ShipService ShipmentSpecialServicesRequested/EmailNotificationDetail element allows you to request that FedEx email exception and delivery notifications be sent to you, your recipient, and up to four (4) other email addresses. A personal message can also be included.

Note: Shipment Notification emails are not sent for ship transactions in a Test environment, even if the request is configured correctly.

In addition to the current email notifications of “On Delivery,” “On Exception,” and “On Shipment,” FedEx now offers a new email notification of “On Tender,” which may be specified with the shipment request, in addition to the existing “Delivery,” “Exception,” and “Shipment” email notifications. Use the “On Tender” email notification if you want an email notification sent to the specified recipients once the shipment has been tendered to FedEx. This notification is supported for FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, FedEx Freight® Economy, and FedEx SmartPost®.

Note: If you include notification elements in your Ship request, you do not need to use the TrackService Notification option for that shipment. The TrackService Notification option is provided if no notification request has been made for an undelivered shipment.