Tips on Getting Accurate Address Matches

Use correct spacing: Make sure spaces are placed correctly and avoid unnecessary spaces.

Use correct spelling: Eliminate spelling and typographic errors. Make sure you have the correct usage of the number zero (0) and letter O.

Avoid special characters: Refrain from using special characters not required for the address, such as periods after abbreviations (Ave vs. Ave.)

Provide additional address and street information: Providing additional address information can increase the accuracy of address results. For example:

Enter city, state/province and postal code: Providing all address information will increase the accuracy of your results. The ZIP+4 portion of the postal code is not necessary to check an address.

Use correct abbreviations: The United States Postal Service and postal authorities in other countries define standard abbreviations for state/province, street suffix, and apartment/unit designations. A nonstandard abbreviation may cause poor search results. If you are unsure about an abbreviation, do not use it.

Company: Providing a company name may improve your results. Some addresses have specific company names assigned to them. By including the company name in your transaction, Address Validation can search for that company and address.