Cancel Pickup Service Coding Details

In addition to the basic service elements required for most transactions (AuthenticationDetail and ClientDetail), the following elements are required to cancel a Pickup Service request:

Element Description
DispatchConfirmationNumber This number is received from FedEx in your dispatch reply and is required for canceling a dispatch request.
ScheduledDate Indicates the date the dispatch occurs.
Location The location information for the FedEx station handling the dispatch is returned in the dispatch reply. This information is required to cancel an FedEx Express dispatch.
CourierRemarks Any additional information for the FedEx courier regarding the dispatch cancellation.

If you enter an invalid dispatch confirmation number or this number does not match the location and/or scheduled date of the dispatch, you will receive an error notification. If the FedEx courier has already been dispatched to your pickup location, the dispatch cannot be canceled and the CancelPickup Service reply will return a failure notification.