Certificate of Origin

Element Required or Optional Description
CreatePendingShipmentRequest/RequestedShipment/ShippingDocumentSpecification/ ShippingDocumentType Required Specify CERTIFICATE_OF_ORIGIN.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/CertificateOfOrigin CertificateOfOriginDetail Optional The instructions indicating how to print the Certificate of Origin (e.g. whether or not to include the instructions, image types, etc.)
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ CertificateOfOrigin CertificateOfOriginDetail/DocumentFormat Optional Specifies characteristics of a shipping document to be produced. ImageType and StockType are required. Other elements are optional.
ShippingDocumentSpecification/ CertificateOfOrigin CertificateOfOriginDetail/ CustomerImageUsages Optional Specifies the usage and identification of customer supplied images to be used on this document. Specify image of type SIGNATURE to include on your document.
RequestedShipment/SpecialServicesRequested ShipmentSpecialServicesRequested/ ShipmentSpecialServiceType Optional The types of all special services requested for the enclosing shipment (or other shipment-level transaction). Specify ELECTRONIC_TRADE_DOCUMENTS to send this document electronically.
SpecialServicesRequested/EtdDetail/ RequestedDocumentCopies Optional Specify CERTIFICATE_OF_ORIGIN if you want to send this document electronically and also receive a copy of this document in reply.
SpecialServicesRequested/Detail/DocumentReferences UploadDocumentReferenceDetail Optional Customer reference to the uploaded document(s).
RequestedShipment/CustomsClearanceDetail/Commodities/ Description   Complete and accurate description of this commodity.