Commodity Elements

Note: A maximum of 20 occurrences of commodity line item information is supported in the ShipService WSDL. Commodity information must be included in the ship request for all packages in an MPS shipment.
Element Multiple Occurrence Description
Commodity/NumberOfPieces Yes Required. Total number of packages in this shipment.
Commodity/Description Yes A minimum of three characters is required for this element. Maximum number of characters is 450.

See Vague Commodity Descriptions for a list of appropriate commodity names.

Commodity/ CountryOfManufacture Yes Required. Code of country in which commodity contents were produced or manufactured in their final form.
Commodity/HarmonizedCode Yes Optional. To expedite customs clearance, especially if the Customs Value is greater than $2,500USD or if a valid U.S. export license is required, include valid Harmonized Codes for all commodities.
Commodity/Quantity Yes Total quantity of an individual commodity within the shipment (used in conjunction with Commodity Unit of Measure). Must be included for each commodity.
Commodity/ExportLicense Number Yes To expedite customs clearance, especially if the Customs Value is greater than $2,500USD or if the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) number is not supplied. Applies to U.S. export shipping only.
Commodity/ExportLicense ExpirationDate Yes Required only if a commodity is shipped on a commercial export license and the export license number is supplied. Applies to U.S. export shipping only.
Commodity/ CIMarksAndNumbers Yes An identifying mark or number used on the packaging of a shipment to help customers identify a particular shipment.

Required only for the FedEx CI.

Commodity/Units Yes Required. Unit of measure (for example, EA = each, DZ = dozen) of each commodity in the shipment.
Commodity Weight Yes Required. Corresponding value for Units. For example, if you use LB as the Units type, you must enter the weight in lbs. for that commodity.
Commodity/UnitPrice Yes Required. Customs value for each commodity in the shipment.
Commodity/Amount Yes At least one occurrence is required for international commodity shipments. The Commodity/Amount must equal the commodity UnitPrice times Units.
CommercialInvoice/ Comments Yes Optional. A maximum of four occurrences per commodity may be included.
TaxesMiscellaneousCharges/ Amount No Optional. This must be added to the total customs value amount if submitted.

If the recipient and the importer are not the same, the following importer elements are required:

Element Multiple Occurrence Description
customsClearanceDetail/ ImporterofRecord No Required if the recipient and importer are not the same. The following elements are included:
  • AccountNumber
  • TIN (Tax Payer Identification)
  • Contact
  • Address

In addition to the preceding elements, you may also choose from the following shipping options for a commodity shipment:

  • Hold at FedEx Location (depending on origin/destination pair and service)
  • Shipment Notification In Ship Request
  • Alternate Return Address
  • FedEx Express nternational Saturday (depending on origin/destination pair and service)
  • FedEx International Broker Select
  • FedEx InSight
    Shipping Option Package vs. Shipment Level
    Dangerous Goods Shipment
    Dry Ice Shipment
    Future Day Shipment
    Hold at Location Shipment
    Inside Delivery Shipment
    Inside Pickup Shipment
    Reference Elements Package
    Saturday Services Shipment
    Shipment Notification Shipment
    Signature Options Shipment
    Variable Handling Charge Package