Custom Label TextEntries Elements

To Add Text to the 4x8 or4x9 Label, in the Ship Service WSDL, use the CustomLabelDetail (ComplexType) and choose the TextEntries element.

In the TextEntries element, the following elements are required:

Web Services Element Description/Valid Values
CustomLabelTextEntry/Position Contains the x/y coordinates for placement of the text.

x = horizontal position, relative to left edge of custom area.

y = vertical position, relative to the top edge of the custom area.

Only non-negative integers may be used.

CustomLabelTextEntry/Format Contains the text to be printed on the label.
Note: This is a format string used to format the printed text. It is not the actual text.
CustomLabelTextEntry/DataFields Contains the text to be printed on the label.
CustomLabelTextEntry/ThermalFontID Printer-specific font name for use with thermal printer.

Valid values are from 1 to 23.

LabelFormatType The label format type should be set to COMMON2D.
LabelImageType The language type for your hardware.
LabelStockType Either STOCK_4X8 or STOCK_4X9_LEADING_DOC_TAB.

Transaction Sample for Custom Text on a Label:

- <q0:CustomerSpecifiedDetail>
- <q0:CustomContent>
- <q0:TextEntries>
- <q0:Position>
  <q0:Format>RMA# abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz12345678</q0:Format> 
- <q0:BarcodeEntries>
- <q0:Position>