Delete Shipment Coding Details

The following elements can be used to delete a package or shipment:

Element Required Description
TrackingNumber Required The tracking number assigned to the package. Delete requirements for multiple-package shipments are as follows:
  • For FedEx Express international multiple-package shipments, if you enter the master tracking number, all packages associated with this shipment are deleted. If you attempt to delete one package in a shipment, the label sequence number will be incorrect and you may experience clearance issues in customs if you cannot account for all packages in the shipment.
  • For FedEx International Ground® multiple-package shipments, if you enter any tracking number associated with the master shipment, all packages associated with the shipment are deleted.
  • For FedEx Ground U.S. multiple-package shipments, you may enter a single tracking number to delete one package in the shipment. Since FedEx Ground U.S. MPS labels are not associated with sequential numbers (1 of 2, 2 of 2), you do not need to delete the entire shipment.
  • For FedEx Express C.O.D. multiple-package shipments, enter any tracking number in the shipment to delete the entire shipment.
  • For FedEx Ground® C.O.D. multiple-package shipments, you must delete each individual package.
TransactionDetail Optional Descriptive data for this customer transaction. The TransactionDetail from the request is echoed back to the caller in the corresponding reply.
ShipTimestamp Optional The timestamp of the shipment request.
DeletionControlType Optional Determines the type of deletion to be performed in relation to package level versus shipment level. Valid options are:

If you are unable to delete the package or shipment, you will receive an error condition. This error condition indicates that:

  • For FedEx Ground shipments, a close has already been performed for that tracking number.
  • For FedEx Express shipments, the package has already been tendered to FedEx.
  • You have entered an invalid account number or meter number.
  • The account number and meter number, while valid, are not associated with one another or with the tracking number.
  • You entered an invalid tracking number. This applies to FedEx Ground shipments only. FedEx Express accepts any number with the correct amount of digits.