Billing Details

Element Multiple Occurrence Description
TaxpayerIdentification/TinType No Required for non document shipments to Brazil.

Valid values are:

  • Passport Number
  • Individual Tax ID
  • Company Tax ID
Note: This type must match the data entered in the TaxpayerIdentification/Number element.
Note: This element is not required but should be added for recipient billing of duties, taxes, and fees.
TaxpayerIdentification/ Number No Required for shipments to Brazil. Depending on the TinType submitted, include the tax ID number for the recipient. Also required if you included the TaxpayerIdentification/TinType element in the Ship Request.
ShippingChargesPayment/ PaymentType No Required. Values are:
  • COLLECT (Ground)
AccountNumber No Required if PaymentType element is SENDER, RECIPIENT or THIRD_PARTY.
Currency No Required. FedEx will provide currency conversion using FedEx Web Services. If you enter a currency other than the currency associated with your FedEx account number, rate quotes will be returned based on the specified currency.
CountryCode No Optional. Country code associated with the currency.