Label Requirements

Element Multiple Occurrence Description
LabelSpecification No To identify the type of label format you will receive, elements in the Label Specification complex type element should be included in the Ship reply (depending on your label format). More information about label printing is provided in Creating a Label.

In addition to these elements, you may choose these shipping options for a document shipment:

  • Hold at FedEx Location (depending on origin/destination pair and service)
  • Shipment Notification In Ship Request
  • Alternate Return Address
  • Express International Saturday (depending on origin/destination pair and service)
  • International Broker Select
  • FedEx Insight
    Shipping Option Package vs. Shipment Level
    Dangerous Goods Shipment
    Delivery Signature Options Shipment
    Dry Ice Shipment
    Future Day Shipment
    Hold at Location Shipment
    Inside Delivery Shipment
    Inside Pickup Shipment
    Notification Shipment
    Reference Elements Package
    Saturday Services Shipment
    Variable Handling Charge Package