EEI/SED Coding Details

EEI/SED shipments require either an exemption number or an ITN number (Internal Transaction Number) received from filing your EEI/SED shipment data with AESDirect (go to to use this application). Elements for submitting your ITN or SED exemption number to FedEx are provided in the ShipService WSDL.

Element Description
SenderTinType As the shipper, your tax identification information must be uploaded to FedEx for EEI/SED shipments. Specify the Employer Identification Number (EIN).

You must also specify the Taxpayer Identification/Number with the corresponding ID number for TinType.

CustomsClearanceDetail/ExportDetail/ ExportComplianceStatement For shipments requiring an EEI/SED, enter the ITN number received from AES when you filed your shipment or the FTR (Foreign Trade Regulations) exemption number.

The proper format for an ITN number is


where YYYYMMDD is date and NNNNNN are numbers generated by the AES.

Note: The ITN or FTR exemption number you submit in the Ship request prints on the international shipping label.