MPS Reply Elements

Element Description
PackageSequenceNumber Returned for all MPS requests. Indicates the sequence number of the package within the MPS.
MasterTrackingID Returned in the master package reply for an MPS C.O.D. Includes tracking number and form ID.

Used when requesting child pieces in an MPS. The master tracking information will be returned in reply from the first package requested for an MPS. That master tracking information is then inserted into the requests for each additional package requested for that MPS.

MasterTrackingID/TrackingIDType Valid values are:
  • USPS
Note: Use "FEDEX" when using the new standard 34 digit barcode for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx SmartPost.
Note: For a FedEx Ground MPS rate request, the reply will include piece-level detail. This information is not available for FedEx Express replies. For a FedEx Express MPS rate request, the reply will include only shipment-level detail.