FedEx Express Freight Services Coding Details

Before you begin coding FedEx Express Freight Services U.S., you should know:

  • Freight shipping weight must exceed 150 lbs.
  • You should use the ServiceAvailability Service to determine what freight services are available for your origin/destination pair.

For more detailed information about the services offered by FedEx, see the electronic FedEx Service Guide.

FedEx Express Freight Services U.S. are included in the ShipService WSDL. In addition to the basic shipping elements required for a FedEx Express shipment, the following elements are available:

Element Description
ExpressFreightDetail/ BookingConfirmationNumber Optional. An advance booking number is optional for FedEx 1Day Freight. When you call 1.800.332.0807 to book your freight shipment, you will receive a booking number. This booking number is included in the Ship request, and prints on the shipping label.
ExpressFreightDetail/ PackingListEnclosed Optional. If you enclose a packing list with your FedEx Express Freight Services shipment, this element informs FedEx operations that shipment contents can be verified on your packing list.
Note: Additional services available for FedEx Express Freight Services U.S. include: Saturday Service, Dangerous Goods, FedEx Express Collect on Delivery (C.O.D.), Hold at FedEx Location.