Reply Elements

Element Description
CompletedShipmentDetail/ MasterTrackingId TrackingId/TrackingNumber Returned in the reply for a single piece C.O.D. for Express shipping. Includes tracking number and form ID.
MasterTrackingId Returned in the master package reply for an MPS C.O.D. Includes tracking number and form ID.
MasterTrackingID/TrackingIDType Valid values are:
  • USPS
Surcharge/SurchargeType COD for C.O.D. surcharge amount for shipment.
Note: Additional shipping options like Hazardous Materials and Shipment Notification are available for C.O.D. shipments. Information for each of these options is provided in the applicable topic. For MPS C.O.D. shipments, you may request additional options either on the package level or the shipment level:
Shipping Option Package vs. Shipment Level
Delivery Signature Options Shipment
Hazardous Materials Shipment
Dry Ice Shipment
Reference Elements Package
Shipment Notification Shipment
Future Day Shipment
Variable Handling Charge Package