FedEx Ground Report Printing

When you perform a Close, FedEx Web Services generates four ground reports:

  • Ground Manifest
  • C.O.D./E.C.O.D. Report
  • Multiweight Detail
  • Hazardous Materials Certification Report (U.S. only)

You can also choose to reprint C.O.D./E.C.O.D., FedEx Ground Manifest and HazMat reports using the Close service. FedEx Ground Multiweight reports (if the account is multiweight enabled) are produced at close time and cannot be reprinted.

Additional elements for printing ground reports include the following:

Element Requirements
GroundCloseReportsReprintRequest If this element is set to true, you receive ground reporting from the last three closed shipping days. To indicate which report(s) you want to receive, include the CloseReport Type element. and specify a date from the previous three calendar days.

If this element is set to false, the Close Service processes and all valid reporting is returned.

CloseReportType If the CloseRequest/ReportOnly is set to true, you may request the following reports:
  • COD
TrackingNumber If you include the tracking number of a particular FedEx Ground shipment for which you want to print ground reports (manifest, C.O.D., HazMat, or Multiweight Detail), the report(s) requested in the CloseReportType element are returned.