Hold at FedEx Location Coding Details

The following ShipService WSDL elements are required for Hold at FedEx Location:

Element Description
RequestedShipment/SpecialServicesRequested/SpecialServiceTypes For the Hold At FedEx Location service, you must include a SpecialServiceTypes element with the value HOLD_AT_LOCATION.
Note: A Hold At FedEx Location Saturday Delivery indication can be implemented by setting the SpecialServicesRequested/SpecialServiceTypes to be both HOLD_AT_LOCATION and SATURDAY_DELIVERY.
RequestedShipment/SpecialServicesRequested/HoldAtLocationDetail/ PhoneNumber When your Hold at FedEx Location shipment is received at the designated FedEx location, you will be notified that your shipment is ready to be picked up.
RequestedShipment/SpecialServicesRequested/HoldAtLocationDetail/LocationContactAndAddress/Contact The contact information.
RequestedShipment/SpecialServicesRequested/HoldAtLocationDetail/LocationContactAndAddress/Address The FedEx location address where you want to have your shipment held for pickup is required in the ship transaction. For a list of available FedEx locations, use the FedEx Locator Service to search for FedEx locations where Hold at FedEx Location service is available. You must obtain the eligible Location Address from the Locator Service WSDL and populate this element with the data found in the FedExLocatorReply element.