Hazardous Materials Coding Details

In addition to the basic elements required for a FedEx Ground ship request using the ShipService WSDL, the following elements are required to create a hazmat ship request:

Element Description
SpecialServicesRequested/DangerousGoodsDetail/Options Set to HAZMAT.
SpecialServicesRequested/DangerousGoodsDetail/HazardousCommodities/ HazardousCommodityContent Describes the kinds and quantities of all hazardous commodities in the package, including customer-specified options for handling and regulatory identifiers.
HazardousCommodityContent/Description/ ID Hazardous material regulatory commodity identifier referred to as Department of Transportation (DOT) location ID number (UN or NA).
HazardousCommodityContent/Description/ PackagingGroup Hazardous material packaging group.
HazardousCommodityContent/Description/ ProperShippingName Hazardous material proper shipping name. Up to three description lines of 50 characters each are allowed for a hazmat shipment. These description elements are formatted on the OP950 form in 25-character columns (up to 6 printed lines).
HazardousCommodityContent/Description/ TechnicalName Hazardous material technical name.
HazardousCommodityContent/Description/ HazardClass DOT hazardous material class or division.
HazardousCommodityContent/Description/ SubsidiaryClasses Hazardous material subsidiary classes.
HazardousCommodityContent/Description/ LabelText DOT diamond hazard label type. Can also include limited quantity or exemption number.
/HazardousCommodities/ HazardCommodityPackagingDetail The number and units used for hazardous material packaging.
/HazardousCommodities/ HazardCommodityQuantityDetail The quantity of hazardous materials in the shipment and the unit type (e.g., gal = gallons).
SpecialServicesRequested/DangerousGoodsDetail/ EmergencyResponseContactNumber Valid contact name in case of emergency.
SpecialServicesRequested/DangerousGoodsDetail/Offeror Shipper name (offeror) or contact number. Required on all shipping papers, including OP-900LL, OP-900LG forms, and Hazardous Materials Certification per DOT regulation.
Note: Hazardous material must be specified at the package level, not at the shipment level.
Note: For more information regarding DOT requirements for hazardous material elements, go to fedex.com/us/services/options/hazmat.