Commodity Information

Note: A maximum of 20 occurrences of the commodity line item information is supported in the ShipService WSDL. Commodity information must be included in the Ship request for all packages in an MPS shipment.
Element Multiple Occurrence Description
Commodity/ NumberOfPieces Yes Total number of pieces for each commodity in a shipment. For example, if your MPS shipment contains 10 baseballs, 10 is included in this element as part of the commodity description of baseballs.
Commodity/Description Yes A minimum of three characters is required for this element. Maximum number of characters is 450.

See Vague Commodity Descriptions for a list of appropriate commodity descriptions.

Commodity/ CountryOfManufacture Yes Code of the country in which the commodity contents were produced or manufactured in their final form.
Commodity/ HarmonizedCode Yes Optional. For efficient customs clearance, a Harmonized Code should be included for all commodities in a shipment. For more information regarding Harmonized Code look-up, go to

Commodity/Quantity Yes Number of units of a commodity in total number of pieces for this line item. Max length is 9.
Commodity/ CIMarksandNumbers Yes Optional. An identifying mark or number used on the packaging of a shipment to help customs identify a particular shipment.
Commodity/Units Yes Required. Unit of measure (for example: EA = each; DZ = dozen) of each commodity in the shipment.
Commodity/Weight Yes Required. Weight of each commodity.
Commodity/Unit Price Yes Required. Customs value for each piece of a particular commodity in the shipment.
Commodity/Amount Yes Required. At least one occurrence is required for international commodity shipments. The Commodity/Amount must equal the commodity UnitPrice times Units.
Commodity/ ExportLicenseNumber No Required only if a commodity is shipped on a commercial export license.
Commodity/ ExportLicenseExpirationDate No Required only if a commodity is shipped on a commercial export license and the ExportLicenseNumber element is supplied.
CommercialInvoice/ Comments Yes A maximum of four occurrences per commodity may be included.
customsClearanceDetail/ NAFTA No For shipments to NAFTA countries (U.S., Canada, and Mexico), you are required to enter the appropriate NAFTA information for your shipment. For more information regarding these requirements, go to
NAFTACommodityDetail No Optional. Specifies the NAFTA commodity detail for the shipment.
NAFTACommodityDetail/ PreferenceCriterion, No Optional. Preference for each commodity in the shipment:

A - The good was obtained or produced entirely in a NAFTA country.

B - The good was produced entirely in a NAFTA country and satisfies the specific origin that applies to its tariff classification.

NAFTACommodityDetail/ ProducerDetermination No Optional. If you are the Producer of the commodity, specify Yes.

If you are not the producer of the commodity, select No and indicate whether the certificate is based on one of the following:

No (1) - Your knowledge of the commodity

No (2) - Written statement from producer

No (3) - Signed certificate from producer

NAFTACommodityDetail/ ProducerId No Identifies the commodity producer when multiple producers are used in a single shipment.
NAFTACommodityDetail/ NetCostMethod No Optional. The Net cost (NC) method calculates regional value content (RVC) as a percentage of the net cost to produce the good.

Net cost represents all costs incurred by the producer minus promotions, royalties, shipping, and nonallowable interest costs. Specify one of the following:

No - Select No if the RVC is not calculated according to the net cost method.

NC - Select NC if the RVC is calculated according to the net cost method.

NAFTACommodityDetail/ NetCostDateRange No Optional. Specify NC plus date range if RVC is calculated according to the net cost method over a period of time.

Enter the beginning and ending dates of the time period in a MM/DD/CCYY format or select from the calendar icons.

Note: In addition to standard ground ship replies, FedEx International Ground transit times are returned in the Ship reply.